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Governor Bill Richardson

"A Sweeping


A story for all Americans

Civic leaders, government officials, scholars and citizens are raving over Manuel Romoero's new book. It's a delight to read for anyone interested in American history and the narrative of how the Nuevomejcanos helped shaped our country.

Book cover Mi America The evolution of an America family

"A sweeping narrative of family, culture, and community"

His extensive research of the lives of his mother and father unearth a detailed and panoramic vision of Northern New Mexican history.
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson

"A major accomplishment"

The book is a major accomplishment for a Chicano Civil Rights activist, civic leader, non-profit executive, and professor. If you listen closely, you can hear the strains of alabados in the background blended with “Europa.”
Dr. Theresa Martínez, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Utah

"Readers will be informed, uplifted, and inspired"

Mi America, his well-chronicled family journey - from Spain to Mexico to New Mexico to Utah - is an important contribution to the history of America and the significant impact made by Nuevomejcanos over hundreds of years. 
The Honorable Mickey Ibarra, Chairman of the Latino Leaders Network


Manuel Romero was born in Rodarte, New Mexico. He graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, completed political science graduate work at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico in Mexico City, and received a master’s degree in political science from the University of New Mexico in 1987.
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No Time For Basketball. In 1954 Penasco New Mexico the responsibilities of work didn’t exclude you if you were young. Sometimes you were forced to delicately balance being a kid and your duties at home. Learn how Manuel’s brother, Rudy, managed to take care of both. #manuelmondays #miamerica2020 ...

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Look at what we found in the history section of @kingsenglishbookshop ! We would like to remind you that if you want to support a local Utah bookshop and buy a Mi America book, The Kings English is the best place to do it. Visit them in store or online! #miamerica2020 #kingsenglishbookshop ...

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Hey Kathy. Manuel talks to us about another time his family found each other in odd places. This time the encounter occurred across the border! We hope you enjoy another fun Manuel Monday. #manuelmondays #miamerica2020 ...

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Finding The Captain. Manuel shares a shocking and scary story from his childhood when he found the dead body of a local homeless man called “The Captain”. #manuelmondays #miamerica2020 ...

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This week Salt Lake City Weekly features an article on Mi America: The Evolution of an American Family. Check out the full article in the bio. Don’t forget the online event with TKE books tomorrow at 2pm. It is independent bookstore day so there is no better time support TKE. See our Facebook page for full details. #miamerica ...

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Manuel Mondays: The Eagle has Landed. This week Manuel shares an intimate moment between he and his brother during his brother’s twilight years. It is fitting it occurred doing one of the Romero’s favorite modern day family bonding activities: golf. Let us know some of your special family moments during golf or your own family’s favorite activity. #miamerica2020 ...

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Familia: We have a request for those that are still haven't purchased or supported the book. Please visit The King's English Bookshop in Sugar House, Utah; in person (masked of course) or online through the link in the bio to purchase the book.

Don't forget Manuel's event with TKE on the 24th. It is independent bookstore day so there's no better time to support TKE. See our Facebook or the TKE event page to get the details.

Now is the time to support your local bookstore and Manuel to show the strength of La Familia and the interest in Mi Familia! #independentbookstoreday #mifamilia2020 #newmexico

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Jump Street. This week Manuel takes us back to a simpler time in Bingham Canyon. This is when it was common to have a flat bed truck become the passenger cab for your large family. A hint to how this story ends: this could have also been called “Leap to Lee’s” starting Manuel’s sister, Silvia. #miamerica2020 #binghamcanyon ...

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My Music Comes to Town. This week Manuel shares with us a time he reconnected with a long time friend and influence for Mi America, Cipriano Vigil. Vigil is a guitar player that is trained in traditional New Mexican music and Manuel shares Vigil’s work in Mi America. Please share some of your favorite memories of New Mexican music with us in the comments! #miamerica2020 #newmexico #newmexicomusic ...

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In Mi America, the reader is able to learn about many of the Hispanic ceremonial traditions of Northern New Mexican communities. This is a photo of Manuel’s brother Nelson and Sister-in-law Ida at their wedding. In this photo they are performing the wedding tradition called The Entrega. During The Entrega, a singer performs to the married couple sharing community and religious values through the song lyrics, and the surrounding guests throw money at The Entregador, or singer, as payment. Here Nelson and Ida are seen kneeling on the Doses (canopy). The Entrega was so important that Manuel tells us “The church service makes the wedding official in the eyes of God, while the Entrega ritual makes it official in the eyes of the community.” You can read more about The Entrega on pages 173 & 174 of Mi America. #miamerica2020 #newmexico ...

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Rocks For Sale. Who in the Mi America community remembers the bustling town of Bingham Canyon? If you were a tourist in its prime, you would have encountered local kids selling rocks as souvenirs. Manuel was one of those children! Hear his story during this week’s Manuel Mondays. #manuelmondays #miamerica2020 ...

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Manuel Mondays: Jury Duty and Familia. Remember in a past Manuel Monday story when Manuel talked about how small Salt Lake City could be when you’re a Romero? This is a perfect example with Manuel’s cousin @debsters61 ! Here this week’s funny story and please remember to share your thoughts ...

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