Mi America Draws National Attention

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The book, Mi America: The Evolution of an American Family, is a detailed exploration of its author, Manuel Romero’s, family history. Beginning 500 years ago with the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, Mi America covers a wide breadth of historical subject matter dealing with the cultures of two great nations, Mexico and the United States. But this isn’t your usual history book.  Mi America is drawing national attention because it avoids your usual dry recounting of famous dates or simple retelling of well-known facts. Instead, Romero manages to add fresh insights to historical events by talking about them through … Read More

City Weekly – “An American Tale”


City Weekly is the third local newspaper to feature an article on Mi American: The Evolution of An American Family”. In the article title “An American Tale Manuel Romero’s Mi América combines memoir with the long history of Spanish-speakers in North America.” Read how Manuels’ decades of community activism and fasination with how his family evolved starting with the expansion of the Spanish empire, Mexican citizenship and finally became U.S. citizens as a result of a treaty. https://www.cityweekly.net/utah/an-american-tale/Content?oid=16699949

Sandy Midvale Journal


The Sandy/Midvale Journal newspaper was the first local newspaper to feature a well written article about “Mi America: The Evolution of An American Family”. In the article’ “Sandy resident writes the story of his family, starting from 1603”, reviews how Six years ago, Manuel Romero was asked by a friend to write a 20-page account of their time as graduate students in Mexico City. The resulting essay was double that and eventually became an entire book.  https://www.valleyjournals.com/2020/12/14/339175/sandy-resident-writes-the-story-of-his-family-starting-from-1603

Featured in Intermountain Catholic

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We’re excited to be featured in a new article on icatholic.org! Intermountain Catholic is a weekly newspaper serving Catholics throughout Utah with news, features, and commentary in a manner that is consistent with excellent journalistic standards and the ecclesial edification of the readership. The article, written by talented author Linda Peterson, covers Manuel’s journey in a way that captures reader interest as she offers anecdotes into Manuel’s life – and why he wrote his book. Our deepest gratitude for the article, Linda! Read the full article here. To get your copy today, visit Manuel’s online store to order a personalized … Read More