KUNM Interview

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On Monday, September 17, 2021 Manuel Romero was interview about his book, “Mi America: The Evolution of An American Family on The University of New Mexico’s radio station KUNM on the Program “Espejos de Aztlan. by Froilan Orozco. Espejos de Aztlan is a Latino bilingual arts and public affairs program that airs weekly on Mondays. Listen in on the link below.

Praise for Mi America

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Author Manuel Romero is no stranger to media attention. Throughout his professional career he has attracted it on several occasions. After all, he’s served on the University of Utah’s Chicano Scholarship Board of Trustees, founded the Utah Coalition of la Raza, worked on a number of political campaigns, and interned in Washington D.C. for former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson when he was in congress. But this is his first time receiving any attention as an author. Mi America was covered by the Intermountain Catholic in March of this year, and again in April by the Salt Lake City Weekly. … Read More

Page 324: A Profound Sense of Connection

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Manuel Romero

Awards In 2010 I was presented with the Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major Award by the Utah Martin Luther King Jr. Commission, and in March of 2013, I received the César Chávez Peace and Justice Lifetime Achievement award. I expressed my profound sense of connection with the audience by saying, “So many of you are a part of who I am”. Author Manuel Romero My Gratitude These awards were indeed an honor and I was grateful to the many people who “honor and I was grateful to the many people who made them possible. When accepting these awards, I … Read More

Page 95: Tragedy in Taos

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On January 21st, Colonel Price led more than 300 U.S. troops and 65 volunteers north through the snow from Santa Fé to Taos, beating back a contingent of some 1,500 Nuevomejicanos and Pueblo Indians at Santa Cruz and Embudo Pass. On February 3rd, Colonel Price marched through the city of Taos unopposed, and discovered the insurgents, who had retreated to the Taos Pueblo, taking refuge in the thick adobe walled church of San Geronimo.While the native resisters fought mostly with bows and arrows along with a few guns, the Americans responded with cannons. Price’s cannons shot through the church walls, … Read More