July 21, 2021

Praise for Mi America


Author Manuel Romero is no stranger to media attention. Throughout his professional career he has attracted it on several occasions. After all, he’s served on the University of Utah’s Chicano Scholarship Board of Trustees, founded the Utah Coalition of la Raza, worked on a number of political campaigns, and interned in Washington D.C. for former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson when he was in congress.

But this is his first time receiving any attention as an author. Mi America was covered by the Intermountain Catholic in March of this year, and again in April by the Salt Lake City Weekly. There is also an article about his book featured in the Midvale City Journal. In all of these articles, you can read about what inspired his book as well as his family’s remarkable journey through the centuries. The articles also point out how rare a book like this is as far as providing a historical account of this period from a perspective not covered in most American classrooms.

However, as good as these articles are, nothing compares to reading the book for yourself. Mi America possesses the unique quality of instilling its readers with a sense of pride regarding their background and culture, while also giving new meaning to old traditions and stories. 

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